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​About Us

Generally . . .

The American Christian Defense Alliance, Inc. is an evangelical, nondenominational, fundamentalist born-again Christian organization that seeks to go back to the original doctrine given by Christ to ​His ​Apostles. You can find specific details regarding our doctrine on this website by clicking here.

​Mission Statement:

The American Christian Defense Alliance, Inc. is dedicated to protecting and promoting American Christian values found in the Holy Bible and strives to, “Take Action for the Kingdom of God” through its various ministries.

Vision Statement:

  • To have a standard above the worlds while representing Jesus  Christ to the fullest to professionalism in all we do.
  • ​To be the most professional Christian martial arts organization we  can be the God’s grace and guidance.
  • ​To “Take Action for the Kingdom of God” in real and practical ways.
  • ​To “Unleash Potential through the Power of God” in people’s lives.
  • ​To empower, to educate, and to improve the conditions of our families, communities, and our society one person at a time.
  • ​To make disciples as commanded in the word of God
  • ​To Think for Yourself, Learn form God!

Our Story - How We Got Started:

​About Our Logo

​About the American Christian Defense Alliance Logo . . .

The American flag - to us the American flag represents our love and true patriotism that we are for our country despite its many problems. It's a symbol that represents all that the declaration of independence and the Constitution of the United States embodies, not necessarily what corrupt politicians and bureaucrats have made it.

The Christian flag – to us the Christian flag at the top of our patch symbolizes raising a standard of God in our nation and respective state. Th​is ​was the flag crusaders carried into battle when they were fighting against the Muslims. Therefore, we have adopted this philosophy and use it as here in our battle flag, as we are always in a spiritual war. It lets the forces of darkness know right from the beginning, anyone wearing this patch is a threat to their kingdom because we are the light of the world in Christ.

The Trinity – if you look closely you will see our Trinity is not a normal Trinity. This was done deliberately to further illustrate the mystery of the Godhead. The Trinity is at the center of our patch and is attempting to say, "Make God the center of your life" while the same time saying, "All these flags and what they represent are centered around God – just like our organization is".

The phrase “​Taking ​Action for the ​Kingdom of God” is our organizational motto. This motto came about after seeing leaders ​in the churches sit back and do nothing, and the men of God running from their responsibilities allowing the women of the church to do most of their work. I said to myself, I need to ​"Take ​Action for the Kingdom of God" because others were not - Faith is seen in your actions each day.

The green background color behind our phrase matches the olives on the olive branch and represents our phrase being a new and fresh idea – to live your faith without “religion” to answer to God, and not to men. The green background also represents the new creation we are all becoming in Christ (2 Cor. 5:17). If you notice it is directly around the Trinity which represents the fullness of God. Therefore, it is saying, “​As we stay close to God we grow”.

The Olive branch, leaves, and Olives – this symbol represents the peace ​our organization strives for in Christ. For it is in Christ alone that true peace can be found. There are 12 leaves representing the 12 tribes of Israel as well as our 12 martial arts belt levels. There are three Olives both representing the Trinity and the three founding instructors. They are matching green with the background of the phrase. Therefore, it is saying our organization is growing in God and bearing fruit. However, the light green also indicates that we are just starting out, and the fruit is not yet ri​pe to pick.

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