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Faith, Family, Freedom is our motto and in a lot of ways Family is our motivation for doing what we do and serving those around us in Christ. For as we serve those around us we live out our faith and demonstrate Christ’s example. Additionally as we serve on another and teach our children through our example we are establishing a legacy that will endure . . . . and that legacy is one of Freedom. For in serving one another we become free, build lasting communities, and demonstrate the love of God in action.

The War on the Family:

You may have heard before that there is a war on the family . . .  Well as Christians I hate to tell you if you don’t already know but there is always a Spiritual War going on as well – and that should be our focus as Christians. For God has told us long ago that we would be hated in all the world & our enemy would prevail against us until Christ returns. I should clarify here this does not mean you sit back and just let things happen without standing up for what’s right – “Duties our ours, Results are God’s” (JQA) We do not support the Submission Doctrine here at the Church of Baltimore which has been develop in part with the Clergy Response Teams. We hold to the notion that, “Resistance to Tyranny is obedience to God”. Furthermore, knowing and being aware of the Spiritual War you should also understand how to protect your family from the realities of the physical threats they face from our spiritual enemy. This is one reason why we have a Self-Defense Ministry and a Preparedness Ministry.

Providing for YOUR Family:

Christ said if you do not provide for your family you have denied the faith – it’s important to understand this concept very well in an age where everyone is looking for a handout and relying on others to provide for their families. As Christians this behavior should not be encouraged, we all need to learn to be more self-reliant and self-sufficient to enable us to follow the Word of God properly. There is no shame in being poor or asking for help when you need it but we all need to live responsible lives that honor God in all our actions.

Roles of Family Members:

Understanding your role within the family structure is so vital, it cannot be understated. So much of the attack on our family comes from propaganda to confuse our roles within our family. Understanding there is a hierarchy in everything is the key. Do not confuse the with individual worth as many attempt to do – there is no partiality with God. Another way to look at this is to consider the roles of family members in the Church Body – leadership roles are reserved for men, support roles for the women, and children should remain respectful.

It should be also noted here that while we welcome all through our doors, we do not accept the homosexual or bisexual lifestyle choice. God has made His position very clear on this. We believe that the intimate content between people should not be on public display to respect those with different beliefs. I think parents out there with strong Christian values would agree, we should not have to be forced to discuss a lifestyle choice we are fundamentally opposed to with our young children, nor should our children’s eyes be forced to bear witness to such things. It is clear to see that there is a campaign to push this lifestyle choice on the world regardless of opposition to establish a sense of normalcy & acceptance -Yet we remain committed to spreading & speaking God’s Word regardless of geopolitical climates.

We are updating our website as fast as we can so we thank you in advance for your patience and understanding while we complete this project.

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