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"Taking Action for the Kingdom of God"

​​Get Active

It’s Time for Christians to Learn How to become Social Activists for the Kingdom of God.

It far past the time for Christians to stand up and get in the fight! For so long so called Christians have sat idol by not comprehending either the Spiritual War they are in nor the Physical War that is being waged against them. The American Christian Defense Alliance is moving forward in the fight by proclaiming God’s ​Word and helping to encourage and equip our brothers & sisters in the Lord. ​


We encourage every Christian out there to get into the fight in whatever way possible. ​Here are some Ideas to get Started:

  • Create Your Own Website or Blog (#1 Most Important thing - You Control it)
  • Start a You Tube Channel (Or other Video Channel)
  • Start a Podcast (On Blog Talk etc.)
  • Create Courses (On Udemy, Thinkific, Teachable, Kajabi)
  • Create Books (On Amazon, Draft 2 Digital, Lulu, etc.)
  • Boycott Business that Support Evil According to the Word of God
  • Limit that Amount of Taxes You Pay each Year and When You Pay them
  • Support Fellow Believers with Your Patronage ​

Get out of the bed & off the Couch – Fight Back with the Word of God today!

We are updating our website as fast as we can so we thank you in advance for your patience and understanding while we complete this project.

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