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“Resistance to Tyranny is Obedience to God”

Obedience to Government: Romans 13 does not refer to a physical government. We must obey God not man regardless of the consequences. Remember in the Last Days Jesus warns that we will be hated in all the world for His name’s sake.

Global Government: The American Christian Defense Alliance is against any form of global government, global banks, and centralized global religions. We find the beauty in the distinctiveness of sovereign countries and their traditions. However, we understand that in the last days these things will occur.

New World Order & A Global Conspiracy: Ez. 22:23-31

Secret Societies & Fraternal Organizations: No member of the American Christian Defense Alliance is permitted to also have any ties to any secret societies, or fraternal organizations.

Government Involvement: Limited, and according to your own conscious. We should not seek to support something we do not agree with. Give your talents and abilities to build up the Kingdom of God.

Clergy Response Teams: We do not partake in any way in such activities for you cannot serve two masters – you will end up loving one and hating the other.

FEMA Camps: It is the policy of the American Christian Defense Alliance, Inc. to encourage its members to be as self-reliant and self-sufficient as possible, having enough food, water, and necessities to survive during a long term crisis situation. Therefore, members have no need to go to any “relief site, refugee camp, FEMA Camp or any other so named place established by the Government, whether local or national. We hold that it is the individual that is sovereign, having free will to choose whether to stay in their home or leave. Furthermore, we understand that our homes are a Constitutionally protected area and we have a right to defend it as necessary based on the use of force continuum.

No Military Service: The concept we hold to is one of non-interventionist as The Constitution of the United States dictates. Furthermore, we hold to the concept of community and civil defense, understanding that it should be the force continuum that will dictate the response in any armed conflict. With that being said, we do not advocate joining the military or being part of the military industrial complex in any way, nor do we encourage members to dishonor their bodies by allowing for testing of any kind from any agency; yet we do support those brave men who courageously wish to serve their communities directly and join the police force. It is the believe of the American Christian Defense Alliance that only men should be the direct primary defenders in any conflict and that women should play a support roll limited to what is absolutely necessary. The American Christian Defense Alliance does support the concept of the “Black Regiment” and is actively seeking to develop one.

2nd Amendment: Firearms, one of the most controversial subjects here in America yet number two in the original Bill of Rights. The American Christian Defense Alliance, Inc. believes very strongly in the right of the  to keep and bare arms to protect themselves and their love ones. The American Christian Defense Alliance, Inc. believes that firearms of any kind are merely a tool to ensure that liberty is past down to future generations and rejects the statement that, “Guns Kill People” in full. Firearms can do nothing in and of themselves, it is the person behind the operation of the firearm that is fully responsible for any and all actions in which may cause injury of some kind. Remember this: Every time a nation has enacted a law to make firearms illegal great tyranny has risen up . . .  From Nazi Germany, to Communist Russia all dictators would agree gun control works. When gun control works massive amounts of people are murdered by the state. Professor John Lott has two good books about gun ownership and crime. Both of his books indicate that where there is more gun control there is more crime.  Don’t let it happen again here in America. I urge all of you reading this to get prepared asap because the time is coming and now is when this nation will seek to take away our 2nd Amendment Right to keep and bare arms.

We are updating our website as fast as we can so we thank you in advance for your patience and understanding while we complete this project.

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