American Christian Defense Alliance, Inc.

"Taking Action for the Kingdom of God"

​Self-Defense Ministry

​The American Christian Defense Alliance Inc. (ACDA) would like to formally welcome you to their Martial Arts Ministry called Seisho Ryu Goshin-Jutsu.


The American Christian Defense Alliance, Inc. specializes in teaching the Martial Arts as a method for discipleship in the Christian Faith while preparing students to face the physical dangers of this world.

The American Christian Defense Alliance, Inc. seeks to cultivate balance and harmony with humility to the highest degree within each of our student’s lives — knowing that the battle field is not merely on the streets.

I believe you will discover that Seisho Ryu Goshinjutsu is an excellent Art to help prepare you and your family for the future, fellowship, and grow in your faith.

On behalf of the American Christian Defense Alliance and those training in the Martial Art of Seisho Ryu Goshinjutsu I like to welcome you to our organization. We look forward to interacting with you and are excited about the possibilities that you will bring to Seisho Ryu Goshinjutsu  in the near future.


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